Hope everyone is enjoying their mid-winter break

A suggestion from a fellow editor made me give editing and proofreading a go and I am glad I took him up on his advice. I love it and have since set myself up as a freelancer. This means I have the freedom to set my own hours. It has also taught me that I not only need to learn when to stop working and think about something else for a while but actually do it.

My first promotional video!

I am really out of practice with the software, so bare with me. They will get better. I have not yet bucked up the courage to actually appear in a video, but give me time and I am sure it will happen.

Commas: when to use them and when to let them have a break.

Write as though someone who knows the rules will be reading your work. A good editor will pick these bad habits, and they are bad habits, up and call you out on them. It might be an idea to throw a few deliberate errors into your sample edit pages just to see if they spot them. If they do not bring them up, that should be an alarm.

Ten Tips to Help You Avoid Telling Writing | Scribendi.com

One of the most often quoted axioms is: "Show, don't tell."

More about choosing an editor.

Choosing an editor is not easy. The good ones have fees that could choke a horse. However, they are GOOD editors, so the fees they charge are worth it. If you can afford those fees. Unfortunately, many Indie authors just can't break out that kind of cash. Enter the rip off artists. They come in … Continue reading More about choosing an editor.