Assessing Freelance Editors

Having spent months, and possibly years on your manuscript, writing, editing, rewriting, editing, and then tweaking it a few more times for good measure, the time will come when the services of an editor will be required. But with so many editors to choose from, all with a wide range of pricing and experience, how do you … Continue reading Assessing Freelance Editors

Getting Business, Advertising, & Sticking With It.

Latest post, written by Steve Frost of S F Editing & Business Service. The hardest thing for any author and business is getting their name out there and known and recognized and, of course, building up a good reputation. My business has now been going for just over a … Source: Getting Business, Advertising, & … Continue reading Getting Business, Advertising, & Sticking With It.

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Why are editors needed?

Editing isn’t cheap. Contrary to popular myth we don’t do it for love. We do it to try and earn a crust. It’s also very time-consuming. A full substantive and copy edit of a novel cannot be done in a few days, it takes time and energy on the part of the editor...

Look what came in the post this morning!

While looking after my three delightful [read as you deem most appropriate] children. I have been studying with the Open University. Today I got my certificate.