About Michelle Dunbar

I am a writer, reader and developmental(substantive) editor of science fiction and fantasy. I assist authors from the inkling of an idea through to (but not including) copy-editing.

I never set out to become an editor, but hand on heart, editing is my dream job.

In 2013, shortly after completing the Open University’s ‘Advanced Creative Writing’ module, I was chatting away on Twitter about it and was approached by an Independent Publisher . They asked me if I would like to apply for an editing internship, which I did, and it set me on the path to starting my own editing business.

Being a long time writer myself, and having *always* given other writers feedback, editing seemed like a natural career choice for a mother of two young children to do from home. After obtaining my BA (Hons) in English Literature in 2015, and following on from a year of offering freebie edits and beta-reading to gain experience and testimonials, I opened the virtual doors to ‘Michelle Dunbar (Editing Services)’ and have been working as a developmental editor ever since.

I decided to specialise early on, so I will only edit science fiction or fantasy books, and will only edit up to (and not including) copy-editing. While I am knowledgeable in plot structure, character development, and writing techniques, I’m not confident with the technicalities of sentence structure, recognising a comma splice, or when or when not to use a serial comma. I believe this level of editing is better left to editors who specialise in grammar and punctuation.

Michelle Dunbar editing