Current Project.

Project Name Cannot disclose at present.
Project Duration March to April 2017
Author/Client Bolide Publishing Group
Genre Science Fiction
Length of manuscript 84,000 words approximately
The nature of the project Beta-reading in association with a newly started small press as a part of a cooperative project.
How I managed my client’s expectations. I keep my client fully up to date as to my progress through either Producteev or online instant messaging. I ask questions as they arise and the client is more than happy to answer them. Progress and time taken is tracked through Timesheet and Producteev, offering the client a realistic picture of the stage I have reached. Reading has been divided into manageable chunks which are dealt with daily and give me a realistic target to work to.
Outcome of the project ONGOING
Additional flourish As I would with a developmental edit, I am keeping detailed running notes on my observations of the author’s habits, as well as any problems I notice along the way, in order to produce a comprehensive set of handover notes. While this is not often expected on a betaread, I would not feel I would be doing my job if I did not highlight every issue I picked up along the way.

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