Service Procedures

Last Updated: 13, March 2017.

Please allow ample time for discussion of your work. Your experience will be far better if sufficient time is taken to clarify your expectations.

1. If you would like to make an enquiry, please send me an email. Please be sure to include the following information:

  • Your contact details.
  • The length and nature of your document.
  • The service you wish to commission me for.
  • The deadline by which you would like the work completed.
  • A five-page (1250 words) sample of the work to be edited. Sample edits are free as standard but they can take a full day to complete depending on the service required. This service will appear on your quotation, as standard, and acceptance of the service by no means obligates you to take the process further. Please allow 24 hours for me to complete this service.
  • A written briefing. If you do not have one, I can provide a form.

2. Once the sample has been completed and returned with an initial quote and any further advice and you are happy, we can begin negotiating timescale and pricing. Be sure to mention any offers or referral discounts at this point so I can apply them to the final quote. The decision to discontinue the monthly newsletter also applies the 5% subscriber’s discount. Students get 10% off as standard. If you have previously given me a successful referral, you get 5% off.

3. Once deadlines and pricing have been agreed, I will draw up a service agreement. This will be sent by email as a signature verified PDF. The Service I use for this is Docusign. This service allows you to electronically sign your own uploaded documents then download them back for free. The free account allows 3 free sends per month but it’s easier to just download it and email it back to me as an attachment. To verify your own signature, you will need to open the signed PDF in Adobe Reader and save it before sending it back to me.

4. Alternatively, there are the following options. Be sure to specify your preference before I send the document.

  • A signed PDF or Word Document will be sent to you for you to print the last page, scan it and email it back. Changes to the document will be disabled.
  • A signed PDF will be sent to you to open in Adobe and use the commenting or signing function to sign and return it to me via email attachment.
  • If you prefer to receive it as a hard copy, rather than in electronic format, please let me know.

5. Once signed, contracts are binding. Please refer to grounds for termination of the service agreement.

6. Once the agreement has been signed and returned, and the deposit/payment has been received, I will commence work on your manuscript as per the schedule.