Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 13, March 2017.
  1. All quotations are valid for a total of one calendar month unless discussed otherwise.
  2. Please be aware that I reserve the right to turn down work if expectations are unreasonable.
  3. The Final Quotation and Service Agreement are specific to one document. Other projects will have to be negotiated separately.
  4. If you would like to pay in instalments, this must be included within the initial Service Agreement.
  5. Instalment payment is subject to fulfilment of all the following conditions:
    • A proven track record of prompt payment. This will be in the form of either, references from two other editors or a successfully completed contract with AnnaProofing.
    • The instalments will apply only to the balance after the deposit has been paid.
    • The maximum number of instalments is six, earlier payment is encouraged.
    • The work will also be divided into sections (chapter sets). Each section will commence only when payment has been received. To facilitate this I have accounts with Toggl and Pacemaker, and Timesheet (Android app), which will enable you to see how much time is being spent on each set, and I and will keep you fully updated on the progress of each stage.
  6. You have ten working days (Monday to Friday), from receiving the Service Agreement, in which to sign it and return it, after which your Service Agreement will be marked dormant.
    • Dormant Service Agreements will be marked as Expired after a further ten working days (Monday to Friday) of the date on the reminder.
  7. You have ten working days (Monday to Friday), from signing and returning the service agreement, in which to complete payment of the deposit, after which your Service Agreement will be marked void. You will receive a single reminder. After this time, it will be marked as Expired. Refusal to sign the agreement will void any previous negotiations. If the deposit remains unpaid for 10 working days after the return of the Service Agreement, the agreement will be voided.
    • Expired Service Agreements will not be revived. Negotiation will have to begin again from scratch.
    • Please do not send full documents prior to signing and returning the Service Agreement and the deposit.
    • Submission of the full manuscript prior to the process detailed above does not imply any obligation to commence work in any form. If a manuscript is sent without prompting.
  8. I will deal with academic work for assessment at the proofread and copyedit level only level. I accept no responsibility for the final grading of your assignment.
  9. AnnaProofing takes no responsibility for any changes made by the client after the return of the finished work.
  10. Edited work will be returned to you in the format in which it was edited unless a house style-guide is specifically referred to in the briefing.
    • A word document, with normal margins, a 12pt sans-serif font, and double line spaced, with all changes tracked for you to accept or decline as you see fit. You are under no obligation to accept suggested changes but the decision to reject changes does not affect your obligation to abide by the terms of the Service Agreement.
    • I am equipped to edit PDFs, but clients will need to enable editing before sending the attachment.
  11. The commissions of more than ten pages (2500 words) are subject to an upfront deposit of 50% of the quoted price. This is payable once the service agreement has been signed and returned. Once the commission has been completed, the remainder of the payment will be due within 14 days of the invoice date.
  12. Small projects, of ten or fewer pages (up to, but not exceeding 2500 words), are payable upfront and in full.

Payment methods

  1. I accept Bank Transfers for which details are available on the first Quotation. I also accept PayPal.
  2. I do not accept personal cheques.
  3. By signing the Service Agreement, you are indicating that agree to abide by the full terms and conditions therein. Terms in the Service Agreement are standard and are not negotiable after signing.